The InSight Youth Mentorship Partnership is focused on assisting youth to learn about the world of work, potential career paths and the skills they will need to successfully transition from high school to employment, post-secondary education, apprenticeship, or further training.

The Rotary FAR project will provide professional resources to mentor the graduates of the existing Pathways to Education Program as they transition to work or post secondary education, or to work after post secondary education. Some of the grads, however, don’t feel ready to make a decision yet. It is this smaller sub-group that Rotarians will be mentoring, Some 23 Rotarians from Kingston and area stepped up to participate in mentorship training sessions provided by the KEYS InSight Program.

One tends to expect training to be primarily skills based, but it turned out to be not so much a ‘how to’ as a ‘how to understand’ experience, and a thought provoking one at that. Discussion certainly considered the resources that had not been available that would support development as a capable and confident adult, but it also dealt with the resilience these young people have already demonstrated in their participation in the Pathways Program over the past years in their high school. In the end, it was clear that the most important thing Rotarian mentors can do is to listen and to care — to provide an adult who respects them.

The KEYS InSight Program folk are always looking for mentors, and their support is professional, extensive, and getting even better at facilitating these relationships online!